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        Shanghai Jiaqi Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomes you!

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        Reasons for the high price of Saifeng brand triangle bag tea packaging machine in the same industry


        Today, a customer came to our company and asked me: How is your family's triangle bag tea packaging machine so expensive? I told him that Land Rover is very expensive and there are more and more people to open; Xiali is very cheap and will be eliminated. Nokia is very affordable and has closed down; Apple is too expensive, and more and more people use Apple. why? Because the customer buys is never cheap, but the product value! So today we have to run a good product, not because it is cheap to sell, but to see the value brought by the product. Now, with low prices for the market, we can only go to no return! Good products are not expensive, but expensive.
        About the reason why our triangle bag tea packaging machine is more expensive than its peers, in order to let new and old customers know more about our equipment, we hereby make the following points:
        1. Saifeng packaging machine focuses on high quality, high configuration, Siemens PLC, Schneider Electric original, SMC pneumatic original
        2. Multi-channel spiral electronic scale adopts Siemens module and servo motor to ensure high measurement accuracy and high speed. The principle of spiral weighing technology is the same day.
          This FUSO, spiral blanking replaces the traditional linear type of vibration cutting, more suitable for herbal tea, flower and fruit tea. 
         Quantitative packaging of black tea and green tea, the speed can reach 2400-3000 packs per hour, the measurement accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.15g, spiral tea quantitative
        Said that Shanghai Saifeng is the first manufacturer to successfully develop and mass produce and sell (the main difference between the peers is the electronic scale)
        3. Saifeng brand triangle bag tea packaging machine has stable performance and simple operation (six-head spiral electronic scale shares a school meter, easy to debug)
        4. Recently cooperated customers: Zhejiang Tea Group, Suzhou Chuangbo Tiantai, Hangzhou Saina, Guangxi Hengyang Orange, Qinghai Nuolan, Yunnan Pu'er
          Yichang Luyuan, Hunan Black Beauty, etc.
        If the explanation is not clear enough, consult, we have some technical staff to answer any questions for you, thank you!
        (Remarks: Our company has self-developed and produced tea bag consumables and wire sticking tag machine, long-term supply of triangle bag tea bag nylon film consumables
          Provide triangle bag tea bag or nylon film empty bag for processing, if interested, take samples for free)

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